Timber Frame Farmhouse

This project has truly been a once in a lifetime opportunity for us.  The project is in Nothville Township, Michigan and the house was originally built in 1848, it is a true Timber Frame structure.  The handhewn beams, posts, ceiling joists and wall studs are Red Oak and are mortised together using tenons and pegs.We first worked on this house in 1994, it was the last project we did in MI. before moving to Taos, NM.  That first project was a major 1st floor renovation the bulk of which was moving the old kitchen and building all new cabinetry for the new kitchen in it’s new location.  During that renovation we exposed much of the Timber Framing to become a strong design presence in the home.

Fast forward  17 years, the same clients who became friends through the first project engaged the same architect and then called us to ask if we would consider travelling back to Michigan to do a 2cnd story renovation.  We said yes.  As in the first go around, we worked closely with the clients and the two architects, Keith Brown and John Bogner, to add a new bathroom and renovate the guest and master bathrooms and re-build the main stair case.  All of the cabinetry and millwork was done on site in a “travelling cabinet shop” we set up in the garage.  From re-finishing original wood floors to multi colored interior painting, this was a full service project.  The clients love of exotic stone is evident in the bathrooms and the use of Detroit made Pewabic tile highlights the ecclectic asthetic of our clients (and the architects and builders!)  The final task was to remove the old exterior asbestos siding, add insulation and apply Natural Cedar clapboard siding.  For us this project was almost always a joy, full of challenges and chances to be creative in problem solving and it inspired us to use all of our skills and then some.  Enjoy the photos.